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Christmas Gifts Train Music Box Green - Merry Christmas tune

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TUNE: Merry Christmas!


Discover a magical holiday journey brought to life with Woodylands' Christmas Gifts Train music box, nestled amidst a lush green forest base. This handcrafted piece, a vivid representation of the festive season, serves as a gateway to a winter wonderland where joy and celebration resonate in every melody.


From the moment you set eyes on this exquisite piece, you are transported to a world where the spirit of Christmas comes alive in the most enchanting way. The detailed green forest base serves as a picturesque backdrop, where the train chugs along, spreading joy and happiness through its melodious tunes.

As a centerpiece in your festive décor or as a cherished gift, this music box captures the essence of Christmas in every intricate detail. Each rotation unfolds a narrative of warmth, unity, and festive cheer, creating a beautiful symphony that harmonizes with the holiday spirit enveloping your home.



Skilfully hand-crafted by Woody Lands artists, this beautiful Christmas Train music box is made of specially selected grades of beech wood sustainably sourced throughout Asia and Europe.

Our inks and coatings are also based on natural and non-toxic materials (cellulose) and all our packaging is made of recyclable and compostable paper.

We are very conscious of the environment we live in and we try our best to keep our corner of the earth as green and clean as possible to leave to our children a better world.

WARNING: This product is Not a toy. Collectible item only. May contain small parts which could present a choking hazard for young children. Not suitable for children under the age of 3yrs.